About Us

Bude Trophies & Engraving Ltd is run by husband and wife team John and Chris Constable. We first met when we played against each other at the British Chess Championships in 1997. However, we finally got together in 2002, and married in 2003. In a couple of months we managed to cover most stressful life events, giving up our jobs, starting our business, John selling his flat, getting married.20140830_161512[1]
Our engraving is done on computerised rotating diamond engraving machines. These give consistent and accurate engraving time after time. Initially we had just one flat-bed machine and could only engrave flat objects. We soon realised the limitations of this and started to look for a second machine that would engrave cylindrical objects. We found one for sale on the island of Kerrara, in the Inner Hebrides, close to Oban. Getting up absurdly early one morning we drove the length of the country to get the last ferry across to the island. The machine was being sold by a former Caithness glass engraver who was now concentrating on running a parrot sanctury on the island. She gave us a solid grounding in glass engraving over the time that we stayed on the island.
So now, as well as supplying trophies and engraved plates, we also specialise in engraved glassware and glass trophies. We aim for a quick, reliable service offering personalised gifts for all occasions. We believe that we offer value for money and a wide range of products to choose from. Why not visit our website at www.budetrophies.co.uk

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