Looking For A Unique Christmas Present?

Often we have special people in our lives who we want to buy a unique present for. Something that they will love and cherish. It may be a parent, a grandparent, or a teacher who has really helped our child develop their skills. We want to show them how much we appreciate what they have done, but what to buy?

Our personalised glasses can include your message on the back so that everytime that special person uses the glass they are filled with a warm sense of gratitude and satisfaction that their hard work has been appreciated. You can choose from a wide range of logos on the front of the glass, but we have also recently added three new glasses to our range. ‘World’s Best Dad‘, ‘World’s Best Mum‘ and ‘Special Teacher‘. All are engraved on Alaska crystal glasses with a star burst base. Either visit us at our unit at Pethericks Mill or visit our website Remember, if you order online and collect from Pethericks Mill there are no P&P charges.

worlds best dad world's best mum special teacher


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