Valentine’s Day Memories

For many years I was single and not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. No presents, no cards…. Well actually, there were sometimes the occasional cards, but not from the men that I wanted to receive them from. Then along came John. Our first Valentine’s Day, we were already engaged. I told him how much I felt that I had missed out on this day in the past. He was non-committal. I feared the worst.

Both of us were working that day, but I finished earlier than him and was home first. At the time we lived in a maisonette and, as I opened the front door, there on the stairs was a single red rose in a vase. As I climbed the stairs I saw a plant waiting for me at the top of the stairs. Once inside our main room there was a card propped up on the coffee table. I still have the card and the rose (it was fabric). The plant unfortunately didn’t make it. I have great memories of that occasion and  the emotions that I felt – love, joy, happiness. More importantly, John and I are still together.

So what will you give to your loved one this Valentine. Why not give a gift that will last the test of time and bring a smile to their face each time they see it. Engraved Heart Key Ring Heart key ring

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